I Need a Haircut.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed a haircut.

But, in Liberia, West Africa, I was the minority, my hair didn’t conform to the typical Liberian hair.

Their hair needed a straight edge razor.  My hair needed scissor’s.  It wasn’t a lack of barber’s; they just weren’t familiar in cutting straight long hair.

So, finding the only person with similar hair, our Lebanese landlord, I asked who cuts hair like mine? 

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Old Time Barber Shop

He had a recommendation, “Salah’s Barbershop” downtown.

Sam the barber was Lebanese, born in Liberia but trained elsewhere, I could tell he knew his craft. 

It was a regular old-style barber shop, a bunch of guys hanging around smoking cigars and joking. 

Sam took his time.  He wanted to make a good impression.

Do You Have a Meeting with the President?

In fact, a Liberian man came and went three times waiting for me to be done.

Impatient and irritated, and in a very sarcastic tone he asked me if I had a meeting with the President of the United States, and walked out. 

Sam brushed him off and focused on my hair. 

Sam earned a new customer that day.

Lesson Learned

After years in business, I’ve learned the value of customer service.  80% of PinProsPlus business is repeat.  Loyalty comes not because of price, but because of good service.  And along the way, the other 20% of new business, often comes by way of referral.

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